Booty In The Stuffing (Feat. Lil' Kirby)

by Kirby Krackle



You know that thing Dave Grohl is doing with American music on HBO? Kirby Krackle also appreciates the traditional songs of our forefathers and when we're not creating nerd-rock jams, we're digging up graves near Plymouth Rock while sifting through original locales of the first Thanksgiving. Those airline miles add up!

That said, imagine our surprise when we found what looked to be the original lyrics for the 1600's hymn, "Booty In The Stuffing" (next to the guy who didn't help with the dishes) sung at the first Thanksgiving leading to peaceful living between the Native Americans, we know how that turned out.

With only a few choice words changed and 16-bars spit by our friend LIl' Kirby to update it for modern living, my hope is that "Booty In The Stuffing" reminds us all of how much we have to be thankful for this year...and how much you really gotta put that back into making a meal for 20 people. Cooking is hard, son!


Kyle and KK


released 24 November 2014

Vocals & Production: Kyle Stevens

Raps: Lil' Kirby



all rights reserved


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